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Media Data

A Moscow-based media research agency «AdMetrix» performed an extensive survey of River Screen's key media figures in 2019.

The survey deployed handcrafted methods and approaches to accurately measure the media data. Among everything else, river flow speed, vessel speed, traffic direction and speed, footfall data, viewing angles and distances - all were taken into account and applied to over a hundred different segments, part of this challenging research. 

River Screen media data reveal extraordinarily high GRP and OTS figures per one single digital video screen, thanks to the fact that it is moving and continuously covers all segments. In fact, these figures are so high that can match coverage provided by TV channels.


OTS, daily, thousand  7670
GRP, day 74.56
Coverage, %26
OTS, month, thousand 230113
GRP, month 2236,82
Frequency 86


* For 100% SOV (share of voice/airtime) on both screens (equals to 60 5-second spots in a 300-second block, 5 turnaround daily cruises).

Download the full AdMetrix media data presentation (Russian)