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Do you really operate all-year round?


'Jules Verne' is an ice-breaker class vessel, certified and capable of round-the-year navigation. Every year we validate our special permit to sail during winter, following thorough and rigorous inspection tests.

Among other river vessels in Moscow only Radisson Royal yachts are licensed to do the same.

We are certified to sail through ice fields which are up to 20cm thick. For those rare periods during winter when ice thickness exceeds these values, we deploy icebreaker tugboats for pilotage.

Which permits do you have to advertise on your vessel?

A passenger vessel, that it normally used to carry passengers, is exempt from obtaining any special advertising permit, pursuant to provisions of sec. 20 of the Federal Advertising Act.

An advertising that is installed aboard the vessel is not considered stationary.

Vessel upgrade and refurbishment has been approved by the Ministry of Transport and its subsidiary bodies governing certification of marine and river vessels in the Russian Federation.

Can we have animated advertising on your screens?

Yes, you have display either video, or static banners.

We can also create and run AR projects for you. Contact us to learn more.

How do we keep track of the vessel location and our advertising?

High-precision A-GPS receivers are installed aboard Jules Verne that allow to track its locations, course and speed 24-hour a day via dedicated link, or using secure login on our web-site.

What is the minimum advertising campaign duration?

Our standard campaign duration is 1 month.

However, we can negotiate shorter campaigns of 2 weeks, 10 days or even 1 day - for example when we are asked to support events that take place in the centre of Moscow and on the river embankments.

Typically we sell a share of airtime. For instance, if you buy 20% of airtime and opt out to use our flexible-lenght 10-sec spot, you would get 72 ad shows per hour, 1 152 shows per day, and 35 712 shows per month.

How quickly can you get my ads on air and running?

Once the contents is reviewed and approved (which in most cases happens in an instance), your ads can be up and running within minutes.

We can also change your advertising banners or videos, if you need us to do so, at short notice.

What happens aboard Jules Verne?

Jules Verne serves passengers on a regular 365-day-a-year turnaround tourist route on the Moscow river, passing through the city centre and key amenities.

We also provide our decks to various recreational, cultural, educational and social organisations and events.

Jules Verne features an on-board bar with popular beverages, snacks and ice-creams, two open decks, and heated (or airconditioned, depending on the season) suites and atrium decks.

More information about the route and the timetable could be found on synergyline.ru (RUS).

We are able to rent our space for commercial, BTL- and promo, teambuilding events and presentations. For these cases we are happy to assist with arranging catering servicing.

Is your project covered by patents?

Yes, our company has filed for patent protection in 2016, which eventually became Patents No.2629728 and No.173574, valid until 2036 and 2026 respectively.

The patents cover a variety of solutions that have been created when the refurbishment project was devised and engineered. It is worth noting that, without the consent of the patentholder, no one may use an item of industrial property protected by a patent.

What other options (apart from advertising) are on the menu?

We can offer:

- collecting using 2 Wi-Fi sniffers aboard, and supplying to our customers, without extra charge declassified MAC-addresses of users who were in the vicinity of the video screens and could see the ads, for further on-line re-targeting;

- added reality projects, including those involving audience ashore;

- social media integration (FB, Instagram, etc.);

- static extenders;

- vessel branding and individual design painting;

- online broadcasts on the screens;

- online voting;

- geo-targeting, time-slot targeting;

- and much more...

Download here a branded event-vessel concept (RUS, PDF)

Download here our social networking integration case for video hosting service KWAI (RUS, PDF)